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2021-02-13 15:28:01

index3499拉斯维加斯_Martian wannabes will have to wait a little bit longer before landing on the enigmatic red planet, according to NASA.美国国家航空航天局称之为,火星迷们在攀上这颗谜样的红色星球前,还必须再行等上一段时间。The space agency says its about 25 years away from sending the first human to Mars and has spelled out what it will take to make this space travel plan pan out.该航天机构回应,将首个人类送来上火星还必须约25年的时间,并阐述了如何才能使这一太空旅行计划顺利。



Scientists still have to work out major kinks -- such as deadly radiation from the cosmos, potential vision loss, and atrophying bones -- before sending a human to Mars, known for its unpredictable atmosphere.科学家们在将人类送来上以不能预见的大气而著称的火星之前,还必须解决问题一些根本性问题,比如来自宇宙的可怕电磁辐射、潜在的视力丧失和骨骼衰退。Theyre also trying to shave some time off the commute: It could take nine months or so to reach the red planet, which is located about 140 million miles from Earth.他们还企图增加来往时间:目前必须9个月左右的时间才能抵达这颗距离地球1.4亿英里的红色行星。


Also, floating in prolonged zero gravity can cause acute medical conditions, such as irreversible changes to blood vessels in the retina, leading to vision degradation, and the skeleton can leach calcium and bone mass.此外,在减压状态下长时间飘浮不会造成急性疾病,比如视网膜血管再次发生不可逆转的变化造成视力上升,骨骼不会萎缩钙和骨质。With former astronaut Tom Jones admitting budget constraints will hobble NASAs attempts to send its first human for about 25 years, those of us dreaming of a vacation to Mars dubiously look to SpaceX as our only hope.前宇航员汤姆·琼斯否认,受限的支出将妨碍美国国家航空航天局,使得他们要花上约25年才能尝试将首位人类送来上火星,我们当中那些梦想着去火星渡假的人不能试着把美SpaceX公司视作唯一的期望了。